Monday, May 12, 2014

Miss Moon's Musings About: Job Searching

I very much wanted to step away from my hiatus to share an amazing lesson I've learned about job searching, and about patience. You all know I am a firm believer in sharing a good thing! ;)

I've been unemployed for over six months now, and have consistently looked for a new opportunity in that time. I have had interviews, and although I've had great conversations and the people I've met with seemed to like me, I haven't found a match just yet. In the past, I would take job loss as a sign that I need to look for something new: a job that will motivate and challenge me, and give me the opportunity to gain something I value tremendously... wisdom. So with a clear idea of what type of job I desire, I would start my journey.

Obviously anything worth obtaining doesn't always happen immediately, Intellectually, I know this... but when it takes too long I allowed my own fear of failure to stop me. I would panic, take "just any job": one that offers no fulfillment or security just for the sake of being employed. It never ends up well and a year or two later... I am back where I am today. Jobless and looking for an ideal situation.

No more of this. This time around... I'm sticking to my guns. I will not deviate from my plan. I know with all the certainty of a zealot that somewhere in NYC there is a company looking for someone with everything I have to offer. And in return, the company will give me the challenge and opportunity to grow I am looking for. It will be a great match.

I used to think that job searching was like a crap shoot. You roll the dice and hope to win. Now I am starting to see the experience as cultivation. Each application, each resume sent is a seed you plant. You nourish each seed with patience, optimism and with the knowledge that you deserve to receive the opportunity you desire. And in time, you will most certainly reach the harvest you have toiled for. I believe and have faith it will happen for me. And if it can happen for me, it can definitely happen for those of you like me who are on the same path! Keep trying!