Friday, March 28, 2014

Checking In...

Hey Everybody!

As I am sure you all know, Miss Moon's Musings has been on hiatus for the last several months. This is because I am presently without internet access in my house.

Last summer, the frequent rain caused leaking in our apartment, which resulted in two large gaping holes in our ceiling. Our living room ceiling wasn't the only fatality as our home computer (and the modem) was totally fried as well. The holes are still very present on the ceiling as I write these words... Seriously.

My family and I were hoping that we would move out by the end of last year, but I also received a giant middle finger from the Universe in the form of losing my job. After putting my health scare on a shelf for the sake of pitching in and being loyal to my former employer... they kicked me to the curb, along with countless others.

Fast Forward to March, I am still stuck in this apartment that shows no signs of being repaired any time soon, I am diligently searching for a great job, and most importantly I am working on myself. I believe that a lot of the hardships that have come is a sign that I need to focus on what I am doing to create struggle. I am committed to breaking some negative patterns in my life. I feel like this could be my last chance to start over... and I really don't want to screw it up. I am working on a major life overhaul, and despite missing the blog, I need to really put my focus on fixing this mess.

So Miss Moon's Musings will continue to be on hiatus for the time being. You can feel free to keep in touch with me on Instagram, Twitter, and of course, the Miss Moon's Musings FaceBook page, as I am always on Instagram and Twitter (Especially on "Scandal" night! lol) and have vowed to be more active on Facebook as well.

I really just wanted to check in and say that I'm alive and that Miss Moon's Musings is NOT dead!!!

Miss Moon's Musings

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