Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss Moon's Musing About: Overstock OverSucks!

This weekend there was an electrical fire in my office building. As a result, the building has been closed and I've been working from home. Rumor has it that it will be a few weeks before I'll be able to get back in the building. And *The* Bag was scheduled to be delivered Monday from Overstock.com... Oy!I contacted UPS to explain the situation and they suggested I contact Overstock to see if a replacement bag can be sent out. Mind you, my bag is in a box on its way back to their fulfillment center. They said they couldn't ship a replacement because the bag is out of stock. They can refund my card and I can place an order for a different bag and once again pay shipping and handling.

Both representatives that I spoke with were apathetic and not willing to go above and beyond. Any plausible work-around was first suggested by me. And I shouldn't have to offer suggestions (based on my Customer Support background) on how THEY can assist ME, the customer! But I did and they were unwilling to ensure that I don't have to pay more money to get a bag within the date range I should've gotten the first one. And to make matters worse, when I voiced my dissatisfaction with the company and requested that someone in management be given my feedback along with the promise that I will not be ordering from Overstock.com again, the representative said "Oh this was an isolated incident and it doesn't happen all the time".... I don't really care if this happens 3 to 4 times a week. It happened to me!

But you know what this whole thing has taught me? Things happen for a reason: I was able to find a similar bag on Ebay for less money, and I will be getting this bag with a free Dust Cover, Shopping Bag and Purse Hook. And I should get it by next week! So Overstock.com? Not so much with me anymore!

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  1. Um. I've wondered about Overstock.com and have considered purchasing from them. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll definitely keep this in mind.