Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Nappturaliciously: Lush Caca Noir Product Review

I've been flirting with the idea of coloring my hair for the past few years now. What has stopped me is the mere fact that my hair starts breaking when I linger in the hair color aisle at my local Duane Reade for too long... it's THAT sensitive. lol

Inspired by the lovely Sophia of Kiffe Coco, I decided to try henna for the first time, and snatched up some of Lush's Caca Noir Mama. Henna and indigo are mixed together for this particular blend, and its the darkest of Lush's four henna colour blocks, leaving hair with a blue/black sheen in time. Bowled over by Sophia's results, I knew I had to try it for myself.

I first separated the blocks to make it easier to chop up. I used three squares in total, which was plenty for my hair.

I've read that its recommended that the bars be shredded using a cheese grater, but I managed chopping them into semi-small pieces.

I filled a pot with water and brought to a boil. I then took some of the water and mixed it with the chopped up henna in a heat safe glass bowl.

I added some Dabur Amla oil to the mixture and placed the bowl over the post with the rest of the boiling water.

This helped the mixture go from this (Ewwww... lol)....

To this!!! Once I took it off the pot to cool, the color went from "baby ca ca" green to a very deep dark brown/black. After I was certain that it was cool, I rushed to my newspaper-lined bathroom to begin applying the henna to my hair.

My hair was divided into four sections, so I just separated and gently detangled (using my Tangle Teezer & water) each section before adding the mud-like mixture.

The bars actually come with these really cute blue "Rocky Horror Picture Show" rubber gloves, but I ended up using these industrial gloves I scored from Duane Reade, the tread on the finger tips made rubbing the henna through my hair a snap!

I covered my hair in a showercap, and set out to let the henna sit in my hair for at least 4 hours... fast forward to the next morning! LOL Yep, I fell asleep!

Rinsing the henna out was actually super easy. My hair was still separated into four sections, so I just rinsed each section until the water ran clear. I followed up the rinsing with a co-wash using Yes To Cucumbers Color Care Conditioner

Once the conditioner was rinsed out, I was astonished by the shine and curl definition. My hair wasn't exactly blue black, but it was slightly darker and the difference was subtle, which I liked.

I braided my hair as usual and went about my chores for the rest of the weekend, not knowing that by the end of the upcoming week, I'd be sick as a dog. I wish the results on my dry hair were a bit more va-va-va-voom, but they were taken upon my release from the hospital, so my hair was a bit of a mess! LOL

All-in-all, I thought the experience was a lot less time-consuming than I anticipated, and can honestly say the results are worth the efforts!

Have you tried Lush's Caca Noir? Please leave a comment with your experience!


  1. I may have to check this out...after I test it first.  I'm allergic to dye and earlier this year, I used a stronger rinse and swelled up something awful!

  2. Yes, you must test it out. I am super sensitive, and this year recently had a bad allergic reaction to Shampoo (I get it from my Dad). Luckily I had no problem, but I was sure to take a Benadryll before proceeding.

  3. thanks for the tips...I finally did henna for the first time this weekend. I added the indigo powder as a final step to get a super deep black color. I love it! Check out my results when you get a chance...