Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: I've been chosen...

Thanks to the Lovely Stiletto Minded, I've been chosen by her to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. I love these awards, because it always gives you the opportunity to learn about blogs you might not have known about, so thanks for adding me to your list of kick ass blogs, Stiletto! Now it's my turn!! :)

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Share 7 random things about yourself

Name your favorite song:
I have yet to settle on a single song, but I love "Oh Girl" by the Chi-Lites, and "Revelation Sunshine" by Cree Summer a lot.

Name your favorite dessert:
Tiramisu or Green Tea Ice Cream

What pisses you off:
Rudeness by people old enough to know better. I think too many New Yorkers live up to that rude stereotype with too much relish.

When you're upset, you:
Shut down. I need to process my feelings sometimes, so I retreat in my head. When I've sorted everything out, then I talk about it.

Your favorite pet:
My beautiful black cat, Kema. I still miss him. Rest in Peace.

Black or white:
Black.... I'm too clumsy to wear white. LOL

Your biggest fear:
Being abandoned by those I love.

Best feature:
I like my eyes and my smile.

Everyday attitude:
Do the right thing and try to smile as much as possible.

What is perfection:
I think everything and everyone is imperfect in some way. Perfection is an illusion.

Guilty pleasure:
Weekend long "Girlfriends" marathons.... I have the whole series on DVD.

7 Random Facts About Myself

1. I'd love to open a Natural Hair Boutique (like Urbanbella) here in Brooklyn one day.
2. I haven't picked up my guitar in months.
3. I have a strange fascination with Sissy Nobby videos... I can't explain it! LOL
4. I can't stand people who talk loudly on the bus. I prefer a peaceful commute!
5. I want to start featuring more OOTD posts, but I frankly dress like bleh for work! LOL
6. My Mother cracks me up, especially how much I am like her.
7. I like my buck teeth and have never wanted braces.

And MY picks for Kreativ Blogger Award are:

Bella Duafe Blog
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Beauty Fash
Comme Coco
Creative Urbanista
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