Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Wanna Go Shopping With...Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen...

Ever since their "You got it, dude!" days, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have blossomed right before our eyes. They have grown into popular actresses, entrepreneurs, and women with their own extraordinary style. The New York Times even declared Mary-Kate a fashion icon for her signature look, called by some "ashcan".

I love how their styles are unique and different from each other, but when together.. there's a harmony in their looks. I cannot say which sister's style is my favorite, as sometimes I'm like Mary-Kate, and sometimes I'm more like Ashley in terms of dress (if no way else.. lol!). That's why I'd love to go shopping with both of them! Here are some note-worthy looks:

Mary-Kate on the red carpet, rocking the hell out of that fedora!!!

From  Ashley's shoes to Mary-Kate's killer pumps, I could very easily go on and on about each item I'd love to own!

I am all about the white blazer and tan clutch Ashley is wearing here. This look is one that would be perfect for the office!

Mary-Kate and Ashley looking like a very posh version of Spy vs. Spy... I love it!!!

This is hands down one of my favorite looks: from the hair and make up to the outfits... love, love, love!!!

I would honestly do a drive-by on both of these sunglasses!!!!!! LOL

D-O-P-E Dope...... I'm not a fur wearer but if a lady wears it well, I say werk!

The Olsen Twins are bajillionaires, and they recycle pieces of clothing all the time. This I love about them!!!

Mary-Kate, I'm-a need that ring, girl...

Is that a wooden clutch Ashley is rocking?!?!? Fab!!

Mahvelous Maxi Dresses!!! And I am really diggin' Ashley with that dark hair... it's a good look for her!

Mary-Kate, you better work those leopard pumps!!!!!!

Ashley looking FABULOUS in Vogue.


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  1. Thanks to this post I have a new appreciation for these twins. At first I thought they dressed like by ladies.