Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Moon Gets Healthy: And Keeps Motivated...

I've been continuing on this path to getting healthy for the past few months, and over the last few weeks, I've felt very unmotivated. A lot of it comes from the fact with such a dramatic change to my overall diet and lifestyle, I anticipated dramatic (and immediate!) results... but that isn't the case. And honestly, it will most likely not be the case. It's taken me 34 years to get to this size, and it's going to take more than a few months to see changes. I know and understand this now, but for a while, I had really felt defeated and to be honest, I gave up. I continued to eat a lot better than I have in years, but I didn't go on my walks. And I felt.. awful about it. But all in all, I learned that it will happen: you will lose steam and you will feel like not doing moving.

If you choose not to do it, allow yourself the time off without beating yourself up. That's what I did eventually, and in the time off, something amazing happened. I ran into people I haven't seen in months and they all greeted me the same way: "You've lost weight!!!!", which felt amazing to me!! And suddenly I started noticing it too. I looked in the mirror, and suddenly my face was thinner... my double chin isn't nearly as double-chiny (yes, I made up a new word) as it was before... and I was filled with MOTIVATION!!!! I celebrated by buying myself some proper workout gear (Which I will be reviewing soon!), and I started April committed to getting off my arse and walking twice a day... and I've been doing it, y'all!!! And it feels great!!

This post is a reminder that when you are prompted to stop doing something WONDERFUL for yourself... start up again. If not immediately, soon!! Look for the changes in unexpected places, and know that you will achieve all the goals you set out for yourself, with every step, and every great choice you make. You can do it! I can do it! WE CAN DO IT!!!

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