Sunday, December 13, 2009

:::drools::: Hopeful Holidays - My Dream Christmas Tree!

Yep... I am still at it: the dreaming and planning and envisioning. This time, my focus is on the tree. I've been researching into what type of tree I'd love for Chris and I to get, and how I'd like us to decorate it.

Of course once I get the key into the door of our dream apartment in Bed-Stuy, I will probably change my mind (I'm like that.. lol)... But until then, here are the components of My Dream Christmas Tree... Enjoy!

Of course, I have to start with the tree itself: After doing much searching, I really think this Holiday Living 7' Heritage Spruce Christmas Tree from Lowe's is BEAUTIFUL (And the low, low price of $73.50 makes is damn near gorgeous!).

And what I really dig is the fact that this tree features the "Ready to Light" system: It's pre-wired with extension cords, so that we can add lights to the tree, and plug it in. AND.. once the holidays are over, we don't have to worry about untangling cords. We can leave the lights on the tree and store it away (safely, of course) for next year. How dope is that?!?!?!?

And speaking of lights, here are my picks for the twinkle twinkle adornments of the tree.

These 100-Bulb Mini String Lights 2-pk (Multicolor/Green Wire) are a mere $3.48, so you can buy a bunch to bling out the tree!!! Courtesy of TarJay!!

And I found many many more groovy goodies from Target for the tree. Check out these awesome ornaments!!

All of these pretties were found in the Multi-Bright Decoration

s Category!!

And I can't even begin to articulate the Holi-gasms these ornaments from Pier One have caused me to have!!

And I cannot forget a Tree Topper (Okay I can and I pretty much did... which is why I am back adding these words! lol)

This peacock blue topper is $39.95 from The Christmas Duck (Thanks, Google Shopping!)

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