Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: Baby, Let's Cruise (My Vacay - Part One!)

So, this last week marked my first time at International Travel, my very first cruise, and my first vacation in a SUPER DUPER LONG ASS TIME!!! LOL

Coming back, I found myself with dozens of pictures that I want to share, but since I am back to work, I do not have the time to post every single one of the photographs with a background behind every picture. Not to mention the videos that Chris and I both took! And truthfully, I don't know if you all would want to look through them all in one sitting!! LOL Suffice to say that this first post will feature images from the first few days of my trip aboard the Carnival Valor! Enjoy!!

This was a picture of a beautiful sunset in Miami, as my honey and I waited on the Panorama Deck for the ship to set sail. I am a cynical New Yorker through and through, but I must admit the ship made me go "Gol-ly" a la Gomer Pyle a few dozens of times... Did y'all know they got a whole floor with stores on the ship?!?!? Gooooollllllllly!!!

Here's my honey, already getting his relaxation on!!! We got up super early, but were so excited to watch the ship take off, we missed our first dinner on board! LOL

Chris and I on the ship... isn't the sky behind us absolutely gorgeous? I was wearing my hair in my tried-and-true braid out, pulled up in a little puff. I wore my hair like this a lot on the ship.. its a great hot weather style, I discovered!!

Moon over Miami.... I'm corny, I know! LOL

Here is the boat finally taking off... I was so excited to actually start moving. I felt like we were waiting for hours on the deck for the journey to begin!

Day Two aboard the Carnival Valor was a Sea Day, so when I woke up in the morning (despite being on vacation, I woke up obscenely early every morning! lol) this was what I was greeted with.

This is Chris the next morning during breakfast. The choices for breakfast foods was ker-azy!!! Since we were at sea, we opted to spend the day chilling at the pool. Chris wasn't a big fan of the pool as I was.. but he loved the hot tubs!!

This is me after spending hours getting my Esther Williams on in the pool... during the trip and from constantly wearing my hair in a wet-and-go style, I discovered I wasn't so anxious about the shrinkage I experienced... Once the weather warms up in NYC, I think I am going to start rocking more wash-and-go styles.

This was our room... our little home away from home on board... There are super-fancy rooms aboard the ship, but truthfully... the bed was comfortable as HELL... the shower sublime... and if you could save money getting a inside cabin, get one, because I didn't miss not having a view in the room at all!!!

Okay, not my coolest moment... but I got insanely dorky about these little towel-creatures!! When I came back into the room and saw that they put my sunglasses on this one, I took like 27 pictures of it. When I gushed to the guy responsible for this creation he gave me an "Okay Crazy Lady" look! I almost didn't want to remove it from the bed, but I had to quickly twist my hair and off the bed, for the next morning, we approached Grand Cayman Islands!!! My first port and the first place outside of the U.S. I've ever visited!!

I brought my Carol's Daughter Loc Butter with me instead of my Winter Steady, Healthy Hair Butter... so my hair was super shiny when I woke up in the morning and did a quick twist-out puff.

During breakfast, I was so excited to spy this Pirate Ship... The Pirate Sistah in my had to yell out a mighty "Aaaaargh!!!", which startled a lot of people seated nearby! LOL

After breakfast, we met up with Chris' folks (Our hostesses with the mostest-ses for our sea cruise!!) to board the tender to Grand Cayman!!! The ride was beautiful, but super windy... check it out!!

These are Chris' wonderful parents, Deacon Ray and Pat Defendorf... doesn't Mrs. D look gorgeous?!?!? They both are, in the words of Outkast, cooler than Freddie Jackson sipping a milkshake during a snowstorm!!!

Grand Cayman was an unofficial Pirate island, and EVERYWHERE I looked we were surrounded by statues of Pirates, Pirate Flags, and loads of Pirate Booty! Suffice to say, I was LOVING IT!!!!!!!!

This was the tale of a Pirate who lived and possibly made Grand Cayman his home. Of course I took one look at his name and started laughing Beavis and Butthead style.... LOL

Here are Mr. and Mrs. D. with a statue of Big Black Dick (snicker, snicker!!!)

We opted to walk around the port instead of finding a taxi to take us to the local beach. The island had a gazillian super high-end (or as I call them "chi-chi foo-foo") shops (which we promptly avoided! LOL), but there were a bunch of great shops that sold reasonably-priced goodies. I spotted a beautiful topsy-turvy rag doll, but it was a bit pricier than I could afford, so I opted not to purchase it. It was difficult, but silver lining - found a some more reasonably priced dolls online! lol

After a wonderful time on Grand Cayman, we set hopped aboard the Carib Goddess (You KNOW I was loving that name!!!) and headed back to the ship to continue our journey.

Next post will be all about Cozumel, Roatán (Bad weather prevented us from seeing Belize, so Chris and I stayed on the ship that day.) and the voyage home.

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