Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miss Moon's Musing About: Baby, Let's Cruise (My Vacay - Part Two!)

Hey everybody!! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from the first half of my Western Caribbean adventure aboard the beautiful Carnival Valor!!

After spending a lovely day with Mr. and Mrs. D. on Grand Cayman, we parted ways back aboard the ship, and Chris and I headed for the Lido deck for another dip in the hot tub!!

The sky was so beautiful, I had to take a picture of these clouds...

After our dip in the hot tub, we hung out on the beach chair to watch a movie on the big screen!!

I ended up having an allergic reaction to the sunblock I was using (Who knew that could happen?!?) which got worse from actually being in  the sun (crazy, huh?) so I started sprouting bumps all over my face... I was feeling a bit ugly...

Chris letting me know I'm still beautiful... Awwwww!

Fresh! LOL

The Carnival  Valor has a super-uber patriotic them... The buffet area is actually called Rosie's Restaurant and  featured a prominent mural of Rosie the Riveter in tile, along with tiles showing women at work in different industries... pretty dope!!

Outside our Stateroom....

The halls were lined with these portraits of American heroes... Honest Abe was the portrait right outside of our room.

Chris and I both decided to take pictures with him...

The shipped was adorned with golden eagles everywhere you looked. Again... patriotic theme! LOL

One of the best features of the boat was this amazing art gallery on the 9th floor. On your way to the Lido deck, you could stop and take a look at art that was available for sale.

It's a long way down, man!!!

DJ Green Arrow meets the Beatles and Ali

He was holding my bag... such a gentleman!

We had for most of the cruise Channel 11 (NYC) news, so we were definitely glad we were sailing the Caribbean when we saw the news about the Winter Storm that hit NYC.

Days of hitting the pool had my hair screaming "No Mas!!!", so for our day in Cozumel, I decided to braid my hair up and wear it in a bun, adorned with flowers (in tribute of setting foot in the country of Frida Kahlo).

When we left the ship and headed into Cozumel, I had to wonder if the bad weather didn't follow us from NYC...

The rain didn't stop others from enjoying their fun, so Chris and I decided that we wouldn't let it spoil our day!!

When we reached the port, we will blessed with several moments of sunshine... which we took full advantage of by snapping pictures

I stumbled upon this amazing Mariachi Band, so we stayed and listened to them play for a moment.

We found a Mexican restaurant, Pancho's Backyard, that had its own little beach area.

A lot of ships at port... there were lines for every cruise line back onboard. I didn't have a load of dinero to spend on the cruise, but I did know that I wanted to enjoy a Margarita in Mexico, so after checking out the beach area (which had another Mariachi Band.. not as cool as the first one), we went inside.

I cannot co-sign on the food claim, because we didn't eat anything here.. but the latter I wholeheartedly can believe!!

These bad boys were NOOOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOKE!!!! They were delicious and strong as hell!

Me (and my bad skin) feeling the effects of my Margarita....

... and Chris feeling the effects of his! LOL

While sipping our Margaritas, it started to POUR...

We had to get back to the ship, but we had some time... so we opted to get our drink on instead of getting our rain on. I was properly drunk by the time my glass was half full! LOL

It once again cleared up and time was getting shorter (I had souvenirs to buy for the familia!), so the good people at Pancho's put the rest of our Margaritas into "to go" cups (no jive!) and we made our way through the port (after checking out the shops!) back on board!!

This post is a lot longer than I anticipated, so I guess there will be a Part Three (The final chapter! LOL) next week... Get ready for photos from Roatán and our one BEAUTIFUL beach day!!!

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