Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: What does YOUR Hair Love?!?

Everybody has something that makes their hair go, "Yessssssssss!!!!!!", be it a protective hair style, a super pricey natural hair indulgence designed for product junkies (Like me!), or a D-I-Y concoction you mixed up in your kitchen... who doesn't love a little Mixtress Magic?

One thing that I've always kinda-sorta known my hair liked, but recently discovered my hair loved is Jojoba Oil.

I recently bought some for my face, and of course decided to share it with my hair. I hadn't used Jojoba Oil in months since I've discovered the joy that is Vatika Oil. My hair responded so favorably to the Jojoba Oil, I am thinking that I will leave the Vatika alone for a while.

What is one (or your favorite) thing that your hair absolutely adores? I want to hear from you!!!!


  1. I love to go to those Dominican Salons and have a deeeeeep conditioning and them have them do "El Blow" where they blow out my hair from curly to straight and leave it feeling so soft!!!
    I also just discovered Moroccan Oil...and yes, it is as great as everyone says it is!

  2. Twitter Response :

    @Sabra718 Herbal Essence Conditioners♥

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