Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wanna Wanna Wednesdays.... Krobo Quote Bracelets by QuellyRue Designs

This week's Wanna Wanna Wednesday item combines two of my favorite things: Adorning the wrists (those who know me know I'm always with bracelets that jingle jingle when I move) and Inspiring the spirit!

The gorgeous bracelets ($16.00 each, QuellyRue Designs on Etsy) are crafted with Krobo beads and have various inspirational quotes such as, "The journey awakens the soul", "Possibility begins with imagination", "Live in the moment", "Reality has limits, imagination is boundless" and "Dream as if you'll live forever".

I plan on getting each of the aforementioned quotes, because they are truths I need to be reminded of periodically. And if I can look fabulous while being reminded, even better!!!!!!

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