Friday, August 9, 2013

Miss Moon Gets Healthy.... And Starts Over (Again!)

Ugh! I hate that I am writing this post, y'all! The past few months have been difficult, and I admit that I used it as an excuse to slack off on my "Get Healthy" routine. And as a result... I've gained four pounds.

Now four pounds may not seem like a lot, but those four pounds felt like such a failure to me. It was the motivation I needed to cut the crap, stop making excuses and get back on the treadmill, literally!!

So I started again last week, and I discovered I felt really great about it. Despite that areas of my life that are not quite as savory, I drag myself to the gym after work, I sweat and push myself and walk away feeling like a rock star!!!!!

I am going to try to keep this momentum up. Last year I dropped two sizes and now that its August... I have less time to match (if not exceed that!). But I resolve to do it!!!


  1. Adrienne Allen StapletonAugust 9, 2013 at 1:36 PM

    I completely understand. In January, I learned my dad was terminally ill with cancer. My weight plummeted by 10 pounds and then beginning in April I gained 15 pounds. I am now back on track. Take care, sis!

  2. We all do it! I wanna say I wanna join you but my excuse is its hot outside. I cancelled my gym membership and decided to walk the pounds off... Whenever that is. Ps..... Somebody might be sneaking into New York for a quick weekend. Not doing any blog stuff but I do wanna meet for lunch or something if I do make it. There is an 85 % I will be there for my bday in Septembrr w my hubby. (Getting my hair cut again at Devachan)

  3. :::squeals with delight::: I am going to be wishing and praying that you make it my way this year!!!!

  4. Thank you, Sweet Sis!! Getting back on track is hard, but giving up completely is harder!! We can do it!!