Monday, April 19, 2010

D-I-Y Nappturaliciously: I'm taking a BRAID-cation!!!!

So I braided my hair on Saturday. I wanted to get it done professionally, but decided to save myself the money and do it myself.

Eight hours lady, here are the end results. I really could've finished this job faster, but I straight up took a zillion breaks!!

This is the type of hair I used - I bought about seven bags (I only end up using 5, so the other 2 will be used for touching the braids up!) and got them for a sweet deal!!

I plan on leaving them in my hair for a couple of months... In that time, I am going to keep my scalp healthy and hydrated with some Jamaican Castor Oil... which I heard is also good for growth, so I am looking forward to see how it goes!!

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