Friday, April 2, 2010

:::drools::: Sizzlin' Sunglasses

So my laptop died last week after working from home for two weeks. The poor thing is currently in a coma, which will seriously affect the amount of blog posting I will be doing until it's fixed. My internet time is limited to lunch breaks at work, so this will be a great opportunity to make the best use of said time (Well, I hope so!)

This morning as I was making my commute to the city, as I squinted by way down Broadway, it dawned on me, "I need to get me some sunglasses!!!". This the inspiration for this blog. I scoured my go-to shops online and found an assortment for your enjoyment!!

Basic Lady Frame ($10.00, Urban Outfitters - Comes in Three Colors!)

I love these glasses! They are so very Holly Golightly... simple and chic!

Sultry Stranger Shades ($9.00, Lulu's - Comes in Six Colors!)

I love this trend in sunglasses.. I've seen these on other sites (I think Torrid had them last year) - I especially like the option of selecting copper or silver armed frames!

Suite Life Sunglasses in Silver ($9.00, Lulu's - Available in Black Only)

These are similar to the Sultry Stranger Shades, but I am really diggin' how the silver arms of the glasses have that twisted effect... very adorable!

Black With Rose Pink Lining Geometric Cat Eye Sunglasses ($12.99, Hot Topic)

These are really not my cup of tea (They're a little to "Lady Ga-Ga" for me - which is fine for her!)... but I swear, there is a me in another dimension somewhere rocking that as she types up her blog! LOL

Hopefully I will be back in effect very soon! In the meantime, I will do my best and try to enjoy my forced Spring Break away from Blogging!

Peace from Brooklyn!!!

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