Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DO SOMETHING: Support Proposition 8 Being Ruled Unconstitutionall!

Big news!! A federal judge in California has declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional!

From The Huffington Post:

After a five-month wait, 9th Circuit District Court Judge Vaughn Walker offered a 136-page decision in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, firmly rejecting Proposition 8, which was passed by voters in November 2008.

"Although Proposition 8 fails to possess even a rational basis, the evidence presented at trial shows that gays and lesbians are the type of minority strict scrutiny was designed to protect," Walker ruled.

We've moved one step closer to full marriage rights for same-sex couples.

It's not the end of the struggle, because this ruling will likely be appealed and could make its way up to the Supreme Court, but it's definitely a huge victory.

I just took a minute to say thanks to the two couples who sued for their rights and brought the issue to court. Will you do the same? Click here to send your thanks, or go directly to


Peace, Love (and Equality!) from Brooklyn!!

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