Thursday, August 26, 2010

:::drools::: Thandie Newton-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

droThandie Newton is a celebrity who's style is not really talked about. Which is surprising because she has a definite style and always looks gorgeous when appearing on the red carpet. I took one look at this ensemble and knew immediately that I would have a blast recreating it!

To start, I selected the Printed Maxi Dress ($24.99, Ashley Stewart)

For the belt, I selected the Brass Dome and Braided Belts 2-Pack ($24.00, Torrid). I thought that the Brass Dome belt be a similar look to Thandie's studded floral belt.

For the shoes, I picked the Nine West Drexel ($88.95, Zappos). I selected them because a) They look dope as hell! and b) They would be a nice accompaniment to the belt.

The clutch was hands down the most difficult thing to find, primarily because the closer I got to the one Thandie's using... the more expensive it became. And I've made a rule when selecting outfits on this blog: I wouldn't select an expensive item I wouldn't buy for myself! So I decided to look outside the box!

I ended up picking the Beaded Silk Clutch in Turquoise Blue and Gold ($80.00, Clutch That - Etsy) . My attitude is I would rather spend a lot of money on something that's one of a kind than spend the same amount of money on a mass produced designer bag.