Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little [N'DAMBI] for a Saturday Night

My Saturday started a bit hectic, but tonight is all about getting some much needed chill time. I've discovered that Strawberry Lemonade + Ginger Ale + Absolut Brooklyn = Goodness (As my FaceBook and Twitter friends know!! lol). I wanted to pick a nice, smooth song that will go nicely with this goodness I am feeling, and when my mind went to N'Dambi.... I knew to look no further.

So even if you can't get a hold of my particular brand of goodness (What should I call this drink, y'all? I'm thinking "Brooklyn Geechee's Goodness"), I hope that N'Dambi's "Crazy World" will do enough to get to the this peaceful place I currently reside in... Enjoy!!