Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinema Couture: Death Proof (2007)

Here's a little peek into my mind and how it works, as it relates to recreating looks for this blog: I saw a terrific photo of Rosario Dawson in the June issue of People: Style Watch and thought that it would be a great outfit to remake for plus size fashionistas. I love Rosario Dawson and since I've never done a fashion post inspired by her, I figured now was the perfect time. Unfortunately, I hit a dead end in putting together that particular look.

I decided to switch gears and look for other photos of Rosario Dawson that I maybe could use and I stumbled across this photo of Rosario from the movie "Death Proof":

I LOVE "Death Proof"... No disrespect to Robert Rodriguez, but it's my favorite of The Grindhouse movies (And I own them both!). What's more, I've always loved what Rosario was wearing in her portrayal of Abernathy. It's a super-fun, unique look that's perfect for a day chillin' with your homegirls.

Lunch, movie, shopping, spa day, maybe!?!? Why not be cute AND ready to kick ass?

And really... how much of a pick-me-up is a Pink Unicorn Tee? It just makes my Grew-up-in-the-80s-and-played-with-My-Little-Ponys spirit go "Whoooooo!".I can't imagine anyone being bummed rocking this shirt... except maybe the Grim Reaper, I guess. LOL

So inspired (And excited to bring back the Cinema Couture series!), I set off to put together the outfit. It was... remarkably easy!!!! Here's what I came up with:

Necklace: Colorful Rainbow Necklace ($19.50, Etsy Shop sillychic)
Tee: Grindhouse Tee ($22.98, Spreadshirt)
Skirt: Joe Browns Sacred Spirit Flirt Flippy Skirt ($65.00, SimplyBe)
Boots: Steve Madden Troopa Boots ($99.95, Zappos)
Bag: Metallic Chain Strap Hobo ($41.99, Gap)
Belt: Black Basic Belt ($20.00, Torrid)

I have to say, when watching "Death Proof", I always thought that Rosario was rocking combat boots, not cowboy boots. I have a preference for combat boots (Plus, have you SEEN how expensive cowboy boots are?!?!), so I opted to choose those instead. LOL

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