Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cinema Couture: Friday Foster (1975)

A few weeks ago, I decided to have a blaxploitation film marathon. While watching the first movie on my laptop, Friday Foster (Courtesy of Netflix), I was so bowled over by Pam Grier's wardrobe, I was inspired to create a new series of fashion posts, dedicated to the notable looks straight from the celluloid to your closets.

One outfit in particular was especially casually chic, and I knew that this "perfect for the weekend" look would be the first that I'd recreate for this series.

**Actual screencaptures I made while watching the film! lol**

After my movie marathon was complete, I did some research and once I found a better picture, I was ready to recreate this ensemble!!

To start, I selected the Ellos Handkerchief Cardigan Tunic Sweater (Sahara Orange Ombre) ($24.99 - $29.99, One Stop Plus)

Underneath, I went the economical route and chose the Women's Plus Jersey-Stretch Tanks (Sashimi) ($12.95, Old Navy)

In searching for the best pair of jeans to accompany this look, I immediately knew that I wanted to select the Denim Yacht Trousers ($52.00, Torrid)

And last but not least, I am (as you may know) ALLLL about the handbags, so I opted for the Harness Satchel (Sienna) ($68.00, Urban Outfitters)

And there you have it! If you've never watched "Friday Foster" the movie has a bunch of amazing looks (And I do believe Miss Pam Grier was rocking a LV Speedy in one scene!).

What are your picks for fashion and film? Comment your suggestion and they may appear in our next installment.

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