Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Therapy with Miss Moon

"Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others."
~ Harriet Goldhor Lerner

In a world where people are so vastly different from each other, it can be difficult to acknowledge what connects us sometimes... our lives. We all strive to grow and prosper, and we all make up the world we live in.

I think about myself and.... one of the Basketball Wives, for instance. I cannot fathom having ANYTHING in common with those chicks, aside from our genders and races. And I shake my head constantly when I happen to catch commercials for the show on television.

I'm sure there are countless other people in the celebrity world, or even in our everyday lives that you feel the same way about. They seem so far removed from who you are and what you're all about... but I bet if you looked beyond the surface, there would be a common ground revealed.

Ultimately its in finding that common ground that results in empathy and compassion for one another. Imagine how beautiful this world would be with those characteristics being the predominant one in all of us? It's a world I definitely want to live in.

This week's Music Therapy with Miss Moon is a song about our connections. I hope you all will let it inspire you to join me in envisioning a life without apathy. Here's 1 Giant Leap with Speech (of Arrested Development), Neneh Cherry and Ulali in "Braided Hair".

Yo we was talking earlier and I was telling you talking bout life
I feel like life is like braided hair
Its sorta like twist you know
Bout braided hair like twist
You know three strands twist together
Ultimately you get to where you wanna get to

From the same dirt from the heels of my ancestors
The naked roads and the fields where the pain festered
And I wonder where the hold came from
In the deeps of my heart make me yearn for the drum
It's the same place where the cross is burned
The same place where the loss was earned
It's the place where the floss was yearned
Gold teeth and bling ice on the ring baby sure

Chorus: We've all got things that are hanging about
Things that make us cool,
Things that make us whack,
Things that make us mad
Things we wish we never had done
But they're just the things that make us real
Not the maps to guide where we go from here
The road twists and braids our hair
Until we all get there

I like that I don't know some mysteries
Ancient things and beginnings
Excited about the day when I don't have to hear all the theories
My scalp needs some grease
It's the same place where the crosses burned
The same place where the loss was earned
The only way we all can learn
Is if we have these braids with the twist and turns so

Walking in the race of life
Looking for my own pace
Not always wanting to but I have to
Sometimes feeling like I've bitten off much more than I could chew
But the wind goes though my hair
Lifts me up with ease not a crease
Hair full of grease no weave embracing me
It's you I see
I am you and you are me I see yeah
I am you and you are me I see

We might survive as brothers yeah or perish here as fools
Go place your bets
Don't bet too soon
You might find me in another
Feels like someone you once knew
You know that face yeah we all do
Braided hair (what's it all for?)

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