Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be Blessed: Positive Thinking is Easy (Really!)

Everyday as we go about our daily tasks, we are constantly having inner dialogs - Some good ("Girl, you are working that outfit today!")and some bad ("Why even bother... that's never going to happen!".

I have realized a long time ago that there is no way to perfectly remove the negative chatter... it's job is to distract and steer you from your path, and it diligently goes about it's job. What we can do... is ensure that we don't steer, that we don't bend, that we don't pause and doubt ourselves.

One method that has worked for me is a mantra I created when I was a teenager. "Whatevah, money..." It's my particular Brooklyn-girl way of saying "Talk to the hand, man... You have no power here!" Another method is the weekly incorporation of a specific affirmation, one that is specific to what you are currently wanting to work on (love, success, wisdom, growth, peace of mind, etc.).

Either print the words out, or write it down, and place it somewhere you will be able to look at it every single day (Bathroom/Bedroom Mirror, the Fridge, etc.). Each time you glance and read these words, you will be making it a part of the inner chatter in your mind. You will be giving yourself a terrific opportunity to change your life, by simply starting within. With every sunrise, we are blessed with a new day and a new opportunity to love, strengthen and heal ourselves.

I'd like to share with y'all an excerpt from a book that I have found immensely helpful. Shakti Gawain's Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations is a book that has 365 affirmations, one for every day of the year. When I first bought it, I would diligently read the day's message every morning when I woke up and every evening before retiring to bed. As the years progressed, I made an almost divination game out of it: I would hold the book to me and ask my higher self to guide me to the affirmation I need to work on in a particular week. And I would turn the pages until one jumped out at me.

The below affirmation is the first one in the book (January 1st). May it inspire you to take a fresh new start and strengthen you with positivity.


  1. Powerful! You're so right, we're surrounded by negativity but it's up to us to cut that sucka down and let our lives reflect love and happiness. I'll start each day this week with this affirmation on my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Negativity (or rather "the anger") is one's Negative Ego 'yamma-yamma'ing, as Lazaris describes it.
    I like the fact that the feeling behind "whatevah, money" is similar to how he recommends handling Negative Ego:
    "I see you there, and I'm not going to engage the anger that you challenge me to play with... I see where you're going and I'm moving right BEYOND YOU!
    Peace, Money, Peace and LOVE

    DJ Green Arrow
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