Friday, January 8, 2010

Cruelty for Cruelty Sake...

So, I was walking down Fulton Street heading home, when I was verbally assaulted by a group of young men.

The ring leader announces upon looking at me to his friends, "You know what I hate more than anything in the world? Fat Bitches!!!!".

His friends didn't even respond to his callous comment and neither did I. I just kept walking as if his comment fell on deaf ears. As I turned the corner, I felt the tears fall down my cheek, which I attributed to the cold, but.... I know the truth.

I did nothing to this young man and his friends but exist. And my mere existence was the catalyst for his venom. I guess it's always so astonishing for me to see people being cruel for cruelty sake. I value life and even if I don't like a person, I would never deny or disrespect their humanity... and I would never intentionally hurt someone for sport.

I need to take a shower and wash that shit right out of my hair.

Peace (and Love) from Brooklyn!!


  1. Miss Moon's I'm sorry that happened to you! No one deserves to be verbally assaulted! Least of all you, with your sweet personality!
    The truth is, what that young man hates more than anything, is himself. Period. And he was looking for a scapegoat. Someone to put his grief on. Girl if I was in Brooklyn, on Fulton Street, that young man would get a taste of da truf!! Then maybe a verbal hug--I wouldn't want to give him a real one. But you I want to give a big {{{{{Miss Moon!}}}}}} Hug! That sad little boy didn't take a thing from you, girl, but he did diminish himself, a bit. I've been thinking alot about it, hatred and what it is and where it comes from. Soon I'll blog about it. Mean comments hurt no matter what words are used, and there are so many! Make sure you wash that ish right out of your hair, then continue to be your fabuloso Brooklyn GeeChee moon woman self! Did you check that Avon? Love Anna Renee

  2. Thanks, Anna. Yeah.. the Avon has dimethicone in it. Which sucks, but so far I use it in moderation and my hair is doing fine.