Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss Moon's Musing About: Strutting

"Sherman, no matter what, you've got to strut.
You got to suck in your gut and strut."

Buddy Love, The Nutty Professor

I am a firm believer in strutting. Especially when you have nothing to strut about. My favorite time to strut is the five block walk from the bus stop to my job. Believe me, it's not something I always do. Most of the time, I'm making a mad dash or doing the zombie-walk like most folk you see walking around the Broadway/Nassau junction in Manhattan.

But I find it's a great way to motivate myself to keep moving, stop lallygagging, and get myself to the office. Some people shadow box a la "Rocky" ... I strut.

Music is the most important aspect of a well-executed strut. My iPod is a beloved part of my daily commute to work, and I've made it a little game to shuffle my tunes. I know that when a Strutting Song comes on, it's a sign that I need give myself a boost, and you better believe, I do!

So I thought I would share with you My Top Five Strutting Songs. Add these tunes as a Playlist on your MP3 and tune in for an instant pick me up:

# 5:  "Pretty Young Thing" - Michael Jackson This song will definitely make you feel like a Tender Ronie.
# 4: "Vibrate On" - Erykah Badu  "They knew I was gangsta, when I hit the door"... Word.
# 3: "Sleep to Dream" - Fiona Apple  For a swagger kind of strut. Trust me, it works!
# 2: "Soul Makossa" - Manu Dibango Great song for when you have to make an entrance!
# 1: "We Trying to Stay Alive" - Wyclef Jean Of course you can also rock the original "Staying Alive" by the BeeGees for bit of nostalgia. John Travolta's strut is the best endorsement for the song!!

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  1. These are all great songs. They definitely put you in that strut kind of mood.