Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm REALLY Diggin': Avon's ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Dry Ends Serum

So My Mum (Mizz Lennnid) is THE, I repeat THE Avon Queen.... so please feel free to address her formally as Queen Mizz AVON Lennid. LOL

She has so many unopened boxes and bottles of goodies that she could very easily open a small store, or at least a kiosk somewhere and make a grip on the stock she currently has.

About a month ago, I wrote a blog about Winter Hair Regimens and around the same time she was raving about ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Dry Ends Serum from Avon and was suggesting I try it out. I was still in the process of putting together my routine and figured I would try it for a few weeks to see if I like it on my braid outs, which (as I've mentioned before) get very dry at the ends by week's end.

I've been diligently following this routine for about three weeks now and WOW!!! My hair is shinier, healthier and I am actually starting to see just how much my hair has grown in the past few months!

My routine is a simple variation of my normal one, with a few twists. I am thinking of doing a picture tutorial blog to show you what I do with my hair during the course of 7 days and would get to it if there was an interest for it (Let me know!)

For more information on Avon's Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum, go to


  1. Hi there Moon Lady! I used to use Cantu and I loved how my hair felt so moist, but after about a month, it started to dry out. It was the "cones" in the product. Check your Avon and make sure there are no long ingredients ending in "cone" the silicone will kill your hair! You probably already know but I had to make sure! Love Anna Renee

  2. You should do it as an Youtube video Tutorial. I am still going through the process of finding a good daily hair regime...