Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Now... A Makeup Moment: Fear of a Bright Red Lip

I've always been the type of woman who believed she couldn't wear red lipstick: it's too bright, too brazen, too too red!

Since my makeup challenge last week, I am very proud to say that I've continued to wear makeup to work each day and must say I'm really getting the routine down to almost effortless!

As I mentioned (repeatedly!) during my challenge results post, I have three lipsticks in almost the same color and I really wanted to vary my look up. Since this venture into Cosmetopia is all about pushing boundaries and breaking out of my safe zone, I decided to take the advise I've recently read in Clumps of Mascara and Jones Magazine: and ROCK A RED LIP!!

I opted to go the inexpensive route... in the not very likely case that I would chicken out and never wear these colors again, so with my trusty Mum with me... we headed over to our local Duane Reade. In the (what seemed like) HUNDREDS of red lip colors out there, I settled on two: one va-va-va voom red color and one  more subtle crimson shade.

First up is the more subtle color:

I purchased Revlon's ColorStay Glacis mineral in 555 - Overtime Wine ... Of course I took it right off to try on the next shade, so I cannot comment on its lasting ability! LOL

The next one is such a bright red, I am hesitant to even post the picture!! While I liked the color... I am so nervous about it... it's truly a fear of a bright red lip I have!!

This shade is courtesy of Black Opal's Patent Lip Liquid Lipstick. The color is Red Intensity 02

So I have in one trip to DR increased  my lip color quota and taken the first baby steps to conquering my fear of bright red lips!


  1. Love both colors, but I love love the darker color. You should certainly wear this often, it looks amazing!

  2. I like the Black Opal lipstick best...however with the right lip liner you can rock the Revlon lipstick...

  3. Oh, I'm lovin' the Black Opal! I also like the first one but the Black Opal is rockin'.

  4. as you get older, you will become more and more and more beautiful. :)