Friday, June 25, 2010

DO SOMETHING: Tell President Obama: GENUG with Offshore Drilling, Already!!

FYI: Genug is a Yiddish word, meaning "Enough".

At a time when millions of gallons of oil are still spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, wreaking havoc on sea turtles, brown pelicans, sperm whales and irreplaceable coastal and marine ecosystems, it seems inconceivable that the Obama administration would consider more dirty, dangerous offshore drilling.

Yet, incredibly, that is exactly what's happening. I just urged Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and others at the Department of the Interior to stop dangerous drilling and I hope you will too. This petition by Defenders of Wildlife has my name as the newest signature. They are hoping to reach a goal of 60,000... I hope you will consider taking action online by clicking here.

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