Tuesday, June 8, 2010

D-I-Y Nappturaliciously: Willow Smith's Fro Hawk!!!

When Mediatakeout had the headline, "WHAT IN THE . . . ??? WILL SMITH'S DAUGHTER WILLOW HAS A NEW LOOK . . . AND IT'S . . . UMMMM . . . WE'RE SPEECHLESS!!" I should have known not to click that link because it would make me angry. In fact, I should know better than to visit that site because frankly, 95% of the time... I get angry from the posts. And if I'm not angry at the post... I'm angry at the "ignant" ass comments!

Consider this a lesson learned. I am NEVER going on that website again. Because when I look at this picture of this beautiful little girl who DEMANDS to world to understand she is going to march to the beat of her OWN DAMN drummer, I want to stand up and applaud and pray that my (not yet conceived and/or born) children will have an eighth of the personality Willow Smith has. I don't want to visit a site where grown-ass people say things like "This little girl is so effin' annoying!!" and "I guess they tryna make her a lil dyke wow". That is despicable to spew such venom about anybody, but about a child!?!?!? People who write such hateful comments really need to look at themselves and truly do better!!

Anyway, my rant is over. I am going to focus on the positive. ::exhales:: Serenity Noooooooooow!
It looks like Miss Willow is a Janelle Monae fan, so I thought I would post this great YouTube Tutorial on how to achieve this type of Fro Hawk!! (Enjoy!)


  1. That's horrible that people would say such things about a child. I think she looks adorably fashionable. And I applaud the fact that she is growing up as a true individual.

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  3. This is just wrong...why would anyone want to pick up on a child?!is beyond me!

    I think she looks great and she growing up into a fine young lady....GO WILLOW!