Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm REALLY Diggin': Solange's Spin-Worthy Dress from Boxing Kitten!!

This dress is so remarkably beautiful!! And Miss Solange is looking fabulous, and so happy! I would love to hear her spin, she needs to bring her skills to NYC!!!

The dress is from Boxing Kitten and it's called Tam Tam (After the Josephine Baker movie, "Princess Tam Tam"... which is dope as hell!)

According to their online store, the dress is $315 and is available in sizes 2-10. I emailed them to inquire if they could make their designs for plus sized fans. I will be sure to email a update if and when I receive a response from them.

In the meantime Nakimuli Inc.'s True Essence Dress is very similar and is available in sizes 1x-3x

UPDATE -  I received the following response from Boxing Kitten:

"Thanks for your interest in Boxing Kitten! We appreciate your suggestion and will take it under advisement. At this time however the largest size we carry is 12. Thanks again!"

Let's hope they consider it. In the meantime, Nakimuli's dress is cheaper and its available in plus sizes!

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