Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yummm! Audrey's "I'm Lazy!" Green Smoothie Recipe!

Today marks the second week of my 30 Day Green Smoothie challenge! And I really must say that so far, it's been a BLAST! It's become a daily ritual to fire up the family ninja and make smoothies for the familia and I. 

While my sister and I have really enjoyed the smoothies, I do believe Mizz Lennid (My nickname for my Mama, for my new friends!) is still a bit skeptical. She has tried a few of my smoothie creations and liked them for the most part, which is HUGE, because as I've mentioned before, she's a total Finnicky Franny! LOL

Most days, I create my own concoctions, but there are times when I've really lacking the creativity to come up with something different. This is where my special "I'm Lazy!" Green Smoothie makes an appearance! 

Audrey's "I'm Lazy!" Green Smoothie Recipe
Recipe courtesy of Yours Truly (Ha!)

Ingredients: (Serves 2 women and 1 Finnicky Franny!)

1-2 handfuls of Baby Spinach
1/2 cup fruit (I usually use one of whatever I have on hand: watermelon, banana, etc.)
2 cups of Ice (We like our smoothies COLD here at Casa di Miss Moon!)


1. In blender (Or smoothie maker, if you're fancy like that!), combine all of the ingredients.
2. Mix the heck out of them! 
3. Pour into pretty glasses (This is a requirement!) and put in a straw.
4. Lift the glass and toast to your good health. 
5. Enjoy!!!

In honor of today's post, I will be preparing my "I'm Lazy!" Green Smoothie, so be sure to check out my Tout Page for the video this afternoon!

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