Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Little [GOAPELE] for a Saturday Night

It's the last Saturday Night in June, and like the old soca song, I got a weakness for sweetness tonight. I want to hear a song that makes me feel like I'm sipping on something sweet and soothing. I feel as if I've been traveling the desert for days and I am in definite need of refreshment. But where can I find such a song to play tonight?!?

Oh hey, Goapele! You say you have the perfect song? And it's called "Milk and Honey"? That DOES sound sweet!

So tonight, I hope that Goapele's "Milk and Honey" soothes your spirit like milk and honey soothes the tongue!! And if you dig the song, be sure to show your support by buying the single for the low price of $1 at!!!

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