Friday, June 22, 2012

I HEART Her Hair: Solange Knowles...

It's summertime, and between the heat, taking walks, and over-all laziness when it comes to Ms. Mooch, I do believe it is HIGH time for a good ole fashioned BRAID-cation! Can you believe it's been two years since my last one?!?

This time around, I decided to attempt to recreate Solange's beautiful box braids, as I think it's a versatile, fun, and the perfect style for summer. So of course, this post is all about the Solo Braids, man!

I will be putting my braids in this weekend, so next week, be sure to check out the post next week. What do you think of Solange's braids? Would you rock them or knock them?!?


  1. I have rocked those braids...but in those days they were called the Janet Jackson "Poetic Justice" Braids...

  2. I rocked them even before Janet did.. back when they were called Medusa braids! LOL

    Solange's braids are a bit thinner and the loose ends are really what I'm digging!!