Tuesday, September 6, 2011

:::drools::: Afro-licious Finds from Etsy - Part Five (!)

It's that time of the year again!!! Time for me to share the bounty I've recently discovered for Naturalovlies on Etsy. This time, as with last year, I beg you....do NOT read this blog on pay day. Trust me, you'll thank me for it!! LOL

Natural Hair Accessory Tube Headband in Ivory/Green/Gold Floral ($12.99, VirtuousCreations) This lovely hair accessory is ideal for locs, sisterlocks, braids, twists and loose hairstyles. How amazing would it be for protective styling? There are loads of design choices, so if this floral doesn't strike your fancy, be sure to check out the VirtuousCreations Etsy page!

Reversible Patchwork Dread Wrap/Hair Band ($24.00, LotusRootsCreations) Looking to add a pop of color to our wardrobe?!?!? How awesome would this reversible patchwork dread wrap/hair band be? Each band is handmade, and the patterns may vary, so you know you will be the only one rocking this gorgeous and unique hair accessory.

Chocolashea Chocolate Conversational Tee's (Shrikage Happens) ($25.00, chocolashea) How much do I love this shirt?!?!? Guaranteed to turn heads, chocolashea's sassy tee declares something many of us naturals know all too well. And for my plus size fashionistas, we're not left out this time! This shirt is available in plus sizes, too!

Jasmis/Squared Seashell Hair Clip ($10.00, Honeybeehair1) How adorable are these dainty little hair clips? They're perfect for a bit of oceanic inspiration!!!

Divine Queen Floral Hair Sticks ($24.50, FlowersFromFatima) Can you say GORGEOUS?!?!? All you need is a pretty maxi dress, some cute earrings, and these hair sticks to finish up your look!!

Rock Your Locs Natural Hair Shirt ($24.00, AuNaturalDiva) I've heard my loc'd sisters say they were tired of the afro tees and not enough loc images... well here's equal opportunity fabness on a tee!!

Curls Gone Wild Natural Hair Shirt ($24.00, AuNaturalDiva) And of course the curly girlies have tee shirt representation!!!! Love this tee!!!

Blue Flower Natural Hair Headband ($45.00, BoutiqueDeBandeux) BDB has done it again... Instant Earth Goddess Beautiful with their gorgeously feminine headband!!!

Which item is your fave?!?!? Leave a comment with the item (or items) you've got to have!!

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