Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Wanna Go Shopping With...Folake Kuye Huntoon of

I have a lot of web sources when it comes to style inspiration, and while is one of my newest sources, I diligently visit as much as my old favorites. The reason is real, real simple: Folake, y'all.... Folake. What can I say about the utter fierceness of Folake Kuye Huntoon that hasn't already been said? She's been Fashion Bombshell of the Day, she's been called a Real Life Muse, and she's even a nominee for Chictopia's Influential Blogger of the Year Award (for which she could use your vote!!!).

Truth be told, I submitted my vote for her with the silent prayer that if she wins and comes to NYC she will let me follow her around for an hour or two as she goes shopping! LOL

I think it was this photo of Folake that sparked my newest obsession of finding a nice plus size pocketed midi skirt! I haven't found one that has made me go "Ooooh!" yet, but I am definitely keeping my eyes open! And when I find it.. I WILL be rocking something like this!!

I think this is an outfit that needs recreating for Plus Size Fashionistas, don't you think?!?!? I'm head over heels in love with that top!

Gorgeous Daishiki? Check. Nail Color that makes Miss Moon drool (Must have that color!!!!)? Check. Curls for days? Check. KILLER jewelry? Check!

This outfit just SCREAMS "Autumn" to me!!!! I love her jewelry choices for this look as well!

 Alloy's Paisley Tunic Dress would be the first place I'd start if I was recreating this gorgeous retro look!

 I think this is in my Top 10 Favorite Folake Style Moments: From the color combination to her exquisite jewelry... this outfit is simply put, breathtaking!!

Dear Santa: This necklace. LOL


  1. I totally agree with you. Haha!! Love your main reason for wanting her to win Chictopia's Most Influential Blogger of the Year. I submitted my vote for her also.

    She definitely has and still is influencing me. Because of what she shares online, I am more bold as far as what & how I put an outfit together. She's definitely challenged my thoughts on dressing conventionally. And I adore the fact that she loves color.

    If she doesn't win that title, she'll still be my most inspirational fashion maven.

  2. Yes indeed, C.O.!!! I would be astonished if she didn't win the title, frankly... but she's still the bee's knees in my book.

  3. Wow!!! It just goes to show I am not on the computer much. I am totally digging her fashion sense...and her hair is out of this world!!!

  4. Jay, you would love her blog!! Check it out! Great inspiration in every aspect! :)

  5. You know how I feel about her style, it is everything that style means to me, she has it, she has found her recipe to look impeccably dress without seeming unattainable! I would actually pay her to shop with me or just let me watch her!

  6. @ Bella - You know? You are on to something, girl!! She needs to do a walking tour, where people pay to walk around and watch her shop! LOL

  7. Gorgeous young lady with style any woman would want to have!