Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: Which Celeb Do YOU Wish Would Go Natural?!?

Of course, it goes without saying, I believe and support anyone expressing their personal style (this includes their hair) in a way that makes them happy. But with celebrities like Chrisette Michelle, Kim Coles, Solange Knowles, and Malinda Williams all going the natural route in the past few years, I'm always excited to discover which celeb may be the next member of "Team Nap". Which leads me to the question at hand: Which Celebrity would you LOVE to see go natural?!?!? I have a few favorite choices:

We all know that Kelly Rowland looks great with short hair...
wouldn't it be AWESOME to see her rocking a TWA?

Going natural would never stop Queen Mary J. Blige from her color of choice...
Best believe her Afro would be HONEY BLONDE and killer!!!!

And imagine if Lauryn Hill never cut off her locs? If they continued to grow and were now well past her back?!?!?
She would be the Belle of "Rock the Bells", for sure!!!

Those are my top three picks. Which celebrities are at the tops of your list?!?!? Leave a comment with your favorite choice!


  1. Comment from FB

    Elaine S: without a doubt .. Beyonce... maybe now that she is pregnant she will... all those wigs have to be exhausting!!

  2. I would love to Taraji P. Henson, Sana Lathan and Mbushe Wright go natural. ANY style would be fine. I'm not picky

  3. Yes!! Taraji's curly wig (?) in "The Karate Kid" made me think she would look awesome with a twist out!!

  4. FB Comment-

    Sudana S. : Janet would look hot as a natural. She's already done the Poetic Justice braids, the curly 'fro on Velvet Rope & sporting a short style now. I could see her with a twa, twists, curls or even locs.

    Halle could rock some locs. She could even do it freeform like Lisa Bonet or Lenny Kravitz.

    I would be floored if Wendy Williams, Tyra, Naomi Campbell or Oprah ever stopped wearing weaves & went natural.

  5. Halle with some locs would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think I read somewhere that Taraji doesn't relax her hair she presses it. I would love to see it in her natural texture. I think it would be cute on her.

  7. @ ~L: Me too! I think curly would really suit her! :)