Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: Who are Your Favorite #naturalhair YouTube Vloggers?

If all of us were in a crowded auditorium right now, and I stood up to the lectern and asked, "How many of you have use YouTube for natural hair advice and suggestions?", I believe that the room would be a sea of hands! I know that personally-speaking, YouTube continues to be a place I go to for product reviews, tutorials, and just for good natural hair discussions. Many of us do the same thing, so much so that even The Huffington Post recently did an article on YouTube's Top 5 Natural Hair Care Vloggers. We all have our go-to channels. I've decided to compile a list of some of my favorite channels (in random order) -

Clockwise from the top middle (click names to visit their channels):
Richeau (EmpressRi, herself! Love ya, girl!)
KiffeCoco (Who just recently launched a jewelry shop on Etsy called RubyAujol.. check it out!)

Are some of your favorites on my list? If not, be sure to comment with who you love on YT (and be sure to leave a link!)


  1. African Export and Taren most definitely!

    I also like Beautiful Brown Baby Doll! That's my girl!

  2. Naptural85 is definitely my fav. I also enjoy Taren916.

  3. I am so shocked I recently just discovered Naptural85, thanks to CurlyNikki! I love her channel!