Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wanna Wanna Wednesdays: Alloy's Olivia Color-Block Skimmer

Behold this shoe!!! I mean it... behold it!! Kneel before the Zod that is this shoe!!! This shoe brought about one of those times when I spot something, groan audibly and think to myself, "Why aren't you in my life, like, NOW?!?". For these obvious reasons, it's my first Wanna Wanna Wednesday item for August!!

The Olivia Color-Block Skimmer ($29.90, Alloy) is just beautiful to me, because here in this one shoe are ALL of my favorite shades. And since I wear these colors a lot, I will always have a shoe to match!! LOL

Since my shoe size has changed along with my clothing size, I have to be careful about what size I get in this shoe (And yes.. .I will be getting these!!) but I will exchange them until I get it right if necessary. I can totally see myself rocking these to work with a nice pair of trousers and a blue top, with a flirty dress, and with jeans and a tee shirt!! Frankly, I have a feeling that these shoes are going to be my go to shoes when not wearing my sneakers!! LOL

What do you think about the Olivia Color-Block Skimmers? How would you rock these shoes?!?


  1. I can definately see this with anything. Jeans and tee my go to. Love the colors. Can't wait to see some pics of you rocking them.

  2. love these! i would probably throw on a pair of black pants and orange top :-) just to be a alittle out the box when i wear it. your blog is amazing.
    hope you 'll come by and follow back

  3. Thank you, Shari! I love your suggestion!!! I'll be sure to visit your blog very soon! :)