Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wanna Wanna Wednesdays... Eloquii's Stitched Pocket Blazer

Did you ever feast your eyes on something and immediately thought to yourself, "Yeah... I needs to get me some of THAT!!!". I have thoughts like that quite often, and I most certainly had that thought about today's Wanna Wanna Wednesday item!!

If you would've done a "person on the street" interview with me and asked, "Would you ever rock a fuchsia blazer?" I would've given you a great big ole side-eye and let that be my answer! LOL 

But guys... look at this blazer ($109.00, eloquii)!!! Look at it!!! How adorable is that?!? I would be all Pink Ladies in this jacket... Rizzo, Frenchie, Martie, Jan, and even Sandy (Didn't see become a Pink Lady at the end of "Grease"?!?). I would be all the Pink Ladies in "Grease 2" as well.... Just don't ask me to name them, I'm not THAT much of a dork!!! 

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