Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miss Moon Gets Healthy: July Stats

July was a much better month for yours truly! I had (many) moments of not feeling very motivated, but I still managed to get out and walk this past month. I am noticing that I'm walking less and burning less, but I really want to improve that. I have to... if I want to reach my fitness goals by year's end.

The same reason why there is no present picture is the same reason why I haven't been able to walk this month yet. I broke out on my face and neck with a horrible case of prickly heat (which is a nice way of saying heat rash). Sweating makes it worse, which makes it difficult to heal, so I've been sustaining from walking just now until I feel better. Now you know what my last post was about as well.

Fingers crossed the rash clears up very soon, so that I can be out and about and getting healthy!!!!


  1. Aww.....hope you heal completely soon, so you can get back out and pound the pavement ;0

  2. Me too, girl!!! Me too!! The weather is getting milder, which gives me an ample opportunity to get back out there. In the meantime, I am making sure I eat right so not to muck the whole progress up!! :)