Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm REALLY Diggin': Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner

I took my kinky twists out a few days ago, and as I always do after removing extensions, I deep conditioned my hair for 24 hours. I unfortunately realized after shampooing my hair, that I was completely out of my deep conditioner. I decided to use my Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, and I am SOOO glad I did!

While I had my hair in the kinky twists, I was using this conditioner to co-wash my hair, and I must say the problems I usually have with my hair and scalp while wearing extensions (dry, itchy scalp especially) cease to exist.

When I washed the conditioner out, my hair was so soft and smooth! And detangling was a breeze. I am going to finish up the 8 oz. bottle I purchased and if I am 100% satisfied with the results, I am going to branch out and try some of her other products.

For more information on Taliah Waajid and Black Earth Products, click here.

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