Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DO SOMETHING: Rush Limbaugh... Again, NUFF SAID!

Okay the Subject is kinda like saying, "ATTENTION EVERYBODY... Stevie Wonder is BLIIIND!!!!!" But Robert Greenwald and the folks from Brave New Films are awesome, so I am hoping you will help):

SUBJECT: Rush Limbaugh is a racist

Professional sports has always stood as an institution that brings Americans together. Now Rush Limbaugh, who has built a career out of dividing people from one another through racist, sexist, and homophobic demagoguery, is trying to buy an NFL football team.

Watch this video.

Limbaugh has poisoned American political discourse and he will bring his venom to professional athletics as well. Sign our petition asking the NFL to tell Rush his bigotry isn't welcome in American sports.

Robert Greenwald

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