Monday, October 26, 2009

:::drools:::Natural Body Products from Brown Butter Beauty

A happy body gets nourished from the inside and out. This is a lesson I learned way too late.... but upon this discovery, I've been making up for lost time.

A body product line I am really excited about trying is Brooklyn's own Brown Butter Beauty. Frustrated by the selection of products at her local beauty supply stores (As a Brooklyn Girl, I can definitely testify to this!), Christine Gant decided to go her neighborhood health food store instead. Armed with herbs, oils and know-how, she started to concoct her own products for her hair and skin.

And aren't we ever so lucky she's been generous enough to share? LOL

Here are some Brown Butter Beauty items high on my "To Buy" List:

Honey Butter Soap Bar ($7) Made with real honey and moisturizing oils and butters. This soap looks like it will make your skin feel and smell mmm mmm, good!!!!!

Brown Butter Beauty Kits ($50) If you are like me, you have tried every facial collection know to man and it did nothing more than take up space in your bathroom! This pack is different as it contains full size bottles of the following (From the Brown Butter Beauty website):

1. Botanical Cream Cleanser - Cleansing the skin properly is the foundation of a good skin-care regime. Removing surface impurities such as pollutants, make-up, bacteria and excess oil as well as exfoliating the skin to remove dead surface cells without disturbing the delicate moisture and oil balance is one of the keys to beautiful skin. This cream cleanser has been formulated with almond oil, emulsified with naturally- derived vegetable waxes and boosted with certified organic Bulgarian rosewater. - 2 ounce bottle

2.Fresh Face Cream Moisturizer - A light non oily moisturizer packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Safflower oil, pomegranate, and evening primrose provide nourishment to thirsty skin. A powerful complex of oat protein, essential minerals and B vitamins soothe dry inflamed skin and replenish devitalized cells. This moisturizer absorbs immediately into the skin and leaves a nice smooth surface for applying makeup. A little goes along way. Conveniently packaged in 2 ounce treatment pump bottles. 2 ounces will last a long time!!

3. Blemish Minimizing Serum - An effective serum that helps stabilize the skin. A concentrate of aloe vera and essential oils helps calm the skin and build its natural immune system. The precious essential oils work in cooperation with the other ingredients to bring the skin into balance and minimize or eliminate break-outs. - 1 ounce serum pump

4. Herbal Rich Hair and Body Oil - My master recipe for this herbal oil is coarsely ground herbs infused in Olive Oil and steeped for 4 weeks. I put together an extensive group of herbs to create this nourshing oil. This oil in loaded with all the ingredients necessary for healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. This oil is very light and absorbs into the skin immediately without leaving your hair heavy, greasy and weighed down. - 8 ounce bottle

To view all of the goodies for your hair, face and body, check out Brown Butter Beauty on Etsy:

Also check out her awesome blog at:

Peace from Brooklyn!!

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