Saturday, October 24, 2009

:::drools::: Holiday Decor that is Pretty as a Peacock

I like the unconventional. In fact, I am a bit dorky about it. I am also a bit dorky about the holidays. I fantasize about having holiday parties: delicious food, family, friends, great music and of course... my place decked to the nines.

I always envisioned my living room adorned with peacock colors. In fact, I'd like to call it "The Peacock Room"... and I think that these decorations will be perfect for embracing the holidays in my own unconventional way:

I heart this tree SOOOO much!!! It's just so bright and cheerful and funky!!! It's just everything I envision and more!!

And beneath my tree, I love the idea of placing my gifts on this beautiful, shimmery tree skirt.

And I have to have the front door decked out too! In my mind, I am ready for the holidays! I just need a place to put all this stuff in!! LMAO

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