Saturday, October 17, 2009

:::drools::: Rachel True-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

Rachel True's style is the perfect example, in my opinion of Boho Chic... its sexy, earthy and fun as hell! I decided to tackle one of my favorite outfits of hers and recreate it big girl style... enjoy!

For the top, I chose the Aqua Chiffon Rose Sublimation Print Kimono Top ($44, Torrid), as I thought it was a flirty compliment to her paisley print top.

The Pocahontas Denim Skirt ($19.99, Alight) is sexy as hell and I think it compliments this outfit beautifully.

And I didn't forget the shoes and handbags this time!! The shoes are the UBER-DOPE Chinese Laundry Nice Boot ($69.95, DSW) & Vintage Sequined and Velvet Elephant Bag ($14.99. Tias) has been added to my "to-buy" list! LMAO


  1. Thanks for posting this !! I fall into another category all together. Plus size maternity clothes. Sad that there are virtually no options. Mamas like to look cute too ~~~
    Dallas, Texas

  2. I know! I know Lane Bryant has plus size maternity clothes.. but have you seen the prices?

    Here are a few options I've found for you. Hope they're helpful:

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  4. I have the boots she is wearing...Plus the blouse she is wearing you can get a similar one from Rainbow @ $16.99.