Wednesday, December 29, 2010

D-I-Y Nappturaliciously: Let's Make #naturalhair a Trending Topic on Twitter!!!

This summer, naturals from all over the Twitterverse assembled online to tweet about their love of natural hair with one goal: to see #naturalhair as a trending topic on the popular website. When I heard news of the endeavor, I quickly hopped on to post my thoughts on the subject and to retweet any items that resonated with me. Sadly, we were not successful this summer and Natural Hair didn't make it despite the seemingly overwhelming response.

Undaunted, we are at it again and I am very proud to announce that January 2, 2011 is the date we are aiming for. If you are on twitter, be sure to tweet your thoughts about natural hair.

I will be sure to participate, tweeting about my favorite hair products, my natural hair icons, a list of natural hair anthems and so much more!!! Look for my tweets at

Hope to see you on Twitter!!!!