Friday, December 31, 2010

Miss Moon's Musing About: Ta-Ta to 2010! (A Top 5 List...)

This year has gone by so swiftly, I found it difficult to reflect on the past twelve months.... It was actually a very daunting task! This has been such an amazing year for Miss Moon's Musings, I wanted to share some of the highlights for me (In no particular order):

The new face of Miss Moon's Musings

I knew that I wanted to change the overall look of my online home, but I never ever could've fathomed how much I would love the wonderful work that Ladybird Blog Designs did!

Blog Lovin'

This year, I have been blessed to receive some tremendous feedback from my peers online. It's been such an amazing experience to have been listed as one of the Top 25 Natural Hair Bloggers on Networked Blogs, Received an Honorable Mention in an article about Natural Hair Bloggers in Brooklyn, received so much love in the awesome blogs, Bohemian Soul, Everything She Wants and was Mane Chic on Indulge In You.

The "DOPE" Entry that Never Was...

Like many of you, I fell promptly in love with the adorable little black muppet girl singing about her hair. I won't front: the song is my ringtone, and I have the tee shirt design as my wall paper!! LOL I never had the opportunity to blog about it, but had I succeeded in writing the post (I can't remember if me getting sick in October was the culprit or was there something else...)


My very short list of people who dig my rantings, ramblings and revelations increased dramatically in 2010. I may not mention it often in my blog, but believe me I have been aware and in awe of every single one of you who clicked "Follow" here or on Networked Blogs & clicked "Like" on the Miss Moon's Musings FaceBook page. Your feedback and comments have brought me so much joy and I am continuously filled with gratitude for everyone who is diggin' what I am doing here.

In fact my recent Be Blessed post on Gratitude was inspired by the words I am writing here and now. I knew that I wanted to do a wrap up of 2010 and that I wanted to end it by sharing a very special gift from me to you. My initial plan was to do another Giveaway, featuring a huge prize, but I decided against it. When I decided how I wanted to conclude the last blog postings of 2010, I immediately enlisted the help of the wonderful DJ Green Arrow, who helped coax out my inner DJ and walked me step-by-step into creating the...

Music Therapy with Miss Moon: Best of 2010 Mix

Yes, yes y'all... I took some music featured this year in a Music Therapy with Miss Moon or for a Saturday Night post. Check out the songs:

1. Natalie Cole - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
2. Jill Scott - Love Rain
3. Neneh Cherry & Gang Starr - Sassy
4. Cody Chesnutt - Come back like Spring
5. Arthur Lee & Love - Always See Your Face
6. Corrine Bailey Rae - Closer
7. Esthero - Black Mermaid
8. Joy Jones - Beautiful
9. Olivier Daysoul & Victor Hugo - In the Now
10. Janelle Monae - Sir Greendown
11. Betty Davis - If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up
12. Aloe Blacc - Need a Dollar
13. Cree Summer - Miss Moon

To download this playlist for absolutely free (my gift to you!) click here.

Happy Happy New Years from Miss Moon's Musings!!!!!!!!

I've love to hear some ideas as to where I should take this baby for 2011!!! Be sure to leave a comment about that!!!

In the meantime, I will once again send hope 2011 will be a wonderful year for all of us and say for the final time this year....

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