Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm REALLY Diggin': The Natural Necklace by Rachel Stewart Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the wonderful presents I planned on getting myself for my 33rd birthday. Regrettably, getting sick and ending up in the hospital prevented that from happening.

Instead of beating myself up about not fulfilling a wish to nurture myself to gift myself in celebration of any important year of my life, I decided to purchase a very special Christmas gift to myself. I knew immediately that what I wanted was the Natural Necklace from Rachel Stewart Jewelry.

The necklace (seen above) comes in gold acrylic, silver acrylic or wood. The pendant is 3 inches wide, 1 inch long and the chain comes included with the necklace!! Of course, I selected the silver pendant, which came today, and I've been rocking it ever since!!!

To get your own Natural Necklace, head on over to Rachel Stewart Jewelry's website by clicking here.


  1. LOVE that necklace but my absolute favorites are the Blue and Gold earrings but they're sold out. :(

  2. Yes, those Blue and Gold earrings are gorgeous!!!