Friday, December 24, 2010

:::drools::: A BOUNTY of Blazers (Courtesy of Torrid!)

You might've missed my brief mention of loving all things blazers and me expressing (in passing of course!) that I've wanted to spice up my wardrobe... ::turns sarcasm meter off::

It looks like the good people at Torrid are more than willing to help me accomplish my goal for 2011, as they have some GORGEOUS blazers that would definitely be a great start to any ensemble. I've started with three that I have eagerly added to my Wish List and will be scooping up ASAP because I need them in my life YESTERDAY!! LOL

First Up is the Black Rolled Sleeve Girlfriend Blazer ($54.00) I like how versatile this blazer is... I could very easily see myself rocking this with slacks at work or with jeans (as shown on the model) on the weekend...or in the office, too! (Who am I kidding?!?)

Next on my Must Have List is the Blue and White Stripe Blazer ($54.00). I've been seeing these nautical themes all over the fashion mags and while perusing the net, but being au currant in all things fashion wasn't what bowled me over about this blazer. Blue and white are big-time power colors for me, so that was the first thing that attracted me. The second thing is the fact that by wearing this jacket, I will be silently telling anyone who may spot me, "Yeah, I'm fat and I'm wearing horizontal stripes, and I am rocking it... WHAT OF IT??!?" LOL

When I took one look at my last pick, I could hear the song"I Will Follow Him" in my head... and I pictured myself running across a field of wildflowers to a clothing rack full of this jacket... ALL IN MY SIZE. It was love at first sight! LOL

Ladies and Gentlemen... Friends, Family and Bloggy Buddies... I'd like you all to meet the Black Satin Lapel Tuxedo Jacket ($54.00). I could now begin to gush about all I would do with this blazer, but I would much rather show you. With this jacket.... I could FINALLY recreate one of my favorite looks from my style icon, Tracee Ellis Ross, using pieces all from Torrid:

So here's how I did it:

Top: Brooklyn Mint Biggie Juicy Crew Tee (Black) $28
Skirt: Black Benglaine Skirt $38
Shoes: Fergalicious By Fergie Jaded Black Heel (Medium Width) $50
Clutch: Black Bow Clutch Party Bag $18

So I think that this outfit will be my first new outfit purchased in 2011.... Is there an article of clothing/fashion trend you're thinking about trying for the new year (My other obsession is a nice plus size African Wax Print skirt.. à la Boxing Kitten... I am about to head up to Harlem and have one made!!!)? What are you digging?

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