Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little [OUTKAST & MARVIN GAYE] for a Saturday Night

I am pretty very strong right about now. Major flexing attitude. I worked my tuchus off this week, and it's only today that I feel like I may be fully recovered from the little dance I had with pneumonia last month. What better way to celebrate feeling this much closer to 100% than with some bona fide swagger music?

Combine the bravado of "So Fresh So Clean" with the sultriness of "Let's Get It On" and there you have my mood at this moment. I am heading to the shower to wash this bird's nest of mine, but you can best believe I will be singing along to this...


  1. Happy to hear that you're feeling 100%! Never heard this missed but I like it! Thanks for sharing!
    Take care.