Sunday, December 26, 2010

:::drools::: Afro-licious Finds from Etsy - Part Three

I couldn't end the year without paying another jaunt to the bounty of goodies for Naturalovlies on Etsy. This time, as with the last time, do NOT read this blog entry on pay day... your bank account will thank you for it!! LOL

Hairy Hair Tee ($30.00, Junkprints) This continues to be one of my favorite Etsy shops... And this lemon-colored beauty is no exception.

Afro Sol Hand Painted Earrings ($17.00, Geminisunshine) These hand-painted beauties are making me think of Summer on a cold night in Brooklyn.

Red Crin Fascinator Headband ($39, BoutiqueDeBandeaux) I don't have many opportunities to get super dressed up, but I might have to invent a few just for the opportunity to rock this instantly dramatic look!!! Love the red headbank/rep lip combo!!!

Duafe Black Afro Pick Earrings ($25.00, BOABW) This Adinkra symbol represents beauty and cleanliness in addition to being symbols of desirable feminine qualities. Furthermore, a duafe was a prized possession of the Akan woman, used to comb and plait her hair.

Kinky Brooklyn Girl Tshirt ($15, kinkybrooklyngirl) This tee shirt is adorable.. I would totally rock this one. Sadly this tee is not for plus size sistren like myself, but it's cute nonetheless..

Angela Davis Pendant and Necklace ($18.00, Seacave) I can't think of a woman's afro without recalling the awesome head of hair Angela Davis. You can pay homage to the woman and her afro.

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